3 things you should include in your wedding film


October 26, 2021


Hollie Fleck


When talking with your potential (or booked) wedding videographers, you should ask them about their policies on the following 3 things:

1. Voice/Sound

This is truly the ONE thing a photographer cannot capture. That is why, as your wedding videographer, I make it my top priority to capture voices and sounds. Think—your mom telling you she loves you, your dad choking up and telling you how beautiful you look. Think- music and laughter and the once in a lifetime toasts and speeches. This is SO important to create a wedding film that feels like your love story and allows you to relive your wedding day.  Some videographers’ style may be more of a “music video” approach with little to no actual sounds/voices from the wedding day. If it is important to you to capture voices, speeches, candid moments of laughter etc. – I highly recommend you discuss this with your videographer BEFORE booking them, to make sure you are on the same page.

2. Sunset Portrait Session

You may have heard the term “golden hour” or I sometimes call it a sunset portrait session. This is when your photographer and videographer can capture those warm, rich, beautiful tones and create romantic and timeless moments for you on your wedding. Even if there is no actual sunset, I highly, highly recommend setting aside a 10-15 minute period in the evening (let’s say, after you’ve had your meal) for the couple, your photographer and videographer to slip away for some intimate one-on-one photo/video time. This will be a really special time for the new couple to be alone and embrace and slow down. Plus it gives you some of your favorite wedding day photos and video footage!

3. Private Last Dance

At the very 1st wedding I ever filmed in 2018, I asked the couple to go back into the venue and take one final dance alone, under the lights. And it is STILL some of my favorite film footage to this day! It’s this incredibly romantic, intimate moment that really feels like the beginning of something special. And just imagine, being able to press play and watch you two slow dance the last dance on your wedding day. The thought gives me goose bumps.

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