Why you need to add 30 minutes to your wedding day timeline


October 27, 2021


Hollie Fleck


When I ask my couples WHY they want a wedding film, the most common response is—

“I know the wedding day is going to go by so fast and feel like a blur and there is so much of the day that I won’t get to see. So I want our wedding film to help us see those in between moments and to re-live it all.”

Wedding films quite literally allow you to press PAUSE on your wedding day so you can experience all the amazing, once in a lifetime moments, again and again. However—wedding days are often consist of a pretty strict timeline, jam packed with non-stop action, places to go, things to do.

And while this is sometimes inevitable- I strongly encourage you to build in 30 extra minutes into your wedding day timeline. Whether it’s you, a planner or your photographer making the timeline—add a 10 minute pad of time here, then a 10 minute pad of time there, maybe 15 minutes there and 5 minutes here.

It may seem impossible or unnecessary, but here is the thing—the reason your wedding day feels like a blur, is because most timelines don’t allow for you to sit in the moment. Be present in the moment without thinking about what comes next or where you need to be.

This is your wedding day. It is so important for you to experience it as it is happening. In order to be present and to experience all the emotions and moments of the day- you need time. So if you know you want to spend some more time with your girls before getting into the dress—add 5 minutes. If you know you want a longer first look or an extra minute with your dad—add 5 minutes. It is your day. It is about you two and your new journey together. You don’t want to start your life together in a chaotic mess of stress and anxiety.

So build in time. Maybe after the ceremony, you and your partner want 10 minutes alone. Maybe you want to spend a little more time at your sunset session, soaking up the first sunset as a married couple.

I know planning a wedding can feel like a long list of to-dos. Do not let your wedding day be something you are just checking off the list. Be present in the moments. Make time for the things that matter to you. Taking time will also allow for some pretty incredible moments to unfold on video and in photographs. You will see and feel the difference, I promise.

So do it. Add 30 minutes to that timeline.

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