*UPDATED* 20 Questions to ask BEFORE you book your wedding videographer


November 3, 2021


Hollie Fleck


I’ve made a list of some important questions you should ask when searching for your wedding videographer.⁠

Couples! If you’re looking for a wedding videographer for your big day, be sure to know what to ask. Social media profiles can be deceiving, and you don’t want to be fooled. These questions will help you feel prepared and confident in your choice. ⁠

Vendors are such a big part of your wedding day and it’s important you work with quality people who are a good fit for you. ⁠

1. What is your videography style?

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  • There are a variety of answers, but you want a videographer that will be aligned with your wedding day style and vibe.
  • Dark and moody
  • Light and airy
  • Documentary style—think more soundbites storytelling
  • Cinematic, music video—think less soundbites and music forward

2. What are your hours of coverage and what are the deliverables?

Basically, what will you cover on the wedding day and what will I get?

3. What is your policy on drone footage and are you FAA certified?

I am FAA certified and personally love to grab drone footage for my couples IF it’s possible. There are a few factors we have to take into consideration when flying our drones.
1) Weather/Wind
2) Flight Path/Location
3) Timeline dependent

That’s why I don’t “charge” my couples for drone footage because I can’t always guarantee it. But I try my hardest to capture aerial footage because it’s an awesome vantage point and can help tell your wedding day story.

Before you book– I highly recommend hopping on a phone call with the wedding videographer. Whether it’s me or another videographer, I want you to find someone who is a great fit!

4. Do you have insurance?

This is pretty straightforward. Some wedding venues require vendors to have proof of insurance, even if it’s just for the wedding day. You’ll want to make sure to ask your videographer/photographer if they can provide proof of insurance if the venue requests it.

5. What is the delivery timeline?

For some couples, getting their photos and film back as soon as possible is important. But as your creative professional, it’s important to me to be transparent and communicate to you that creating your wedding film is a process. And it should not be rushed! I promise you, I am spending as much time on your film that is necessary and deserved. I will never hurry up, just to get the job done. Your film is too important for that. The final product will be worth the wait. I typically tell my clients, the industry standard for wedding film delivery is 4-6 months after the wedding. I try really hard to deliver my films 3-4 months post wedding day.


  1. Can I see samples of your previous work or a portfolio?
  2. How many years of experience do you have in wedding videography?
  3. Have you worked at our venue before, or are you familiar with it?
  4. How many weddings do you typically film in a year?
  5. Can we customize the package to fit our specific needs?
  6. How many videographers will be present on the wedding day?
  7. Will you be the one filming our wedding, or will you have an assistant or subcontractor?
  8. Can you provide a detailed timeline of the day’s events and how you plan to capture them?
  9. How do you handle audio during the ceremony and speeches?
  10. How long does it take to receive the final edited video?
  11. What is your editing process, and can we provide input on the editing style or music selection?
  12. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for our wedding video?
  13. Are you open to incorporating specific shots or moments that are important to us?
  14. How do you handle unexpected situations or changes on the wedding day?
  15. What is your cancellation or backup plan in case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances?
  16. Do you require a meal or break during the wedding day?

These questions will help you assess the videographer’s professionalism, expertise, and compatibility with your vision for the wedding video. Feel free to ask any additional questions that are important to you and your partner.

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