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How I Edit Your Wedding Film: My Philosophy


September 25, 2022


Hollie Fleck


Crafting heartfelt films that look and sound and feel like your love.

“About as much as you love her, we love you too.”

Father of the Bride to his new son-in-law

My focus for your wedding film is to capture what photos cannot capture.

I’ll never forget, a father was giving his daughter away, and when he hugged the groom he told him, “About as much as you love her, we love you too.” Cue waterworks.

When I discovered this audio, I felt like I discovered treasure, a hidden nugget of pure gold. Your wedding day is made up of all these BIG moments but also a ton of seemingly simple moments, interactions and conversations.

Just imagine these different scenarios on your wedding day:

You’re listening to your favorite playlist while you finish your makeup. Your bestie tells a joke and you all bust out laughing. Your mom chokes back tears as you put on your dress. You give yourself a final pep talk before you walk down the aisle.

Your partner sees you for the first time. What do they say? Are you crying? Are you laughing?

You share vows. Express your unwavering commitment to each other in front of your friends and family. The officiant says “I now pronounce you…” and the crowd erupts in cheers.

You hear the clinking glasses. The subtle violins playing during cocktail hour. The muffled hum of conversations and laughter.

To HEAR is to remember. One of my most favorite moments I captured was at a wedding in March 2022, where the bride is all finished getting ready and she takes a look at her reflection in the mirror. Her response to what she looks like, is one of those incredibly candid moments I LIVE for to capture on your wedding day. Watch the emotional moment here.

At the heart of my films is your story. How your love looks and feels to you. I don’t focus on what the video trends are or the cool new thing on Tik Tok. My priority is to create a film that honors and celebrates your love. My style isn’t “trendy” or “traditional.” My goal is to stay true to who my couples are and capture your honest and amazing love. No two couples are the same, so my films will never look the same.

The Wedding Day is Just the Beginning

My good friend and wedding planner once jokingly said to me, “Wow– when the wedding day is over, my job is done, but you’re work is just beginning.” It’s so true!

After spending all day by your side on the best day of your life, I head to the office to back up your footage and organize the 8+ hours of footage from your day. Then begins the meticulous process of listening to all the audio from ceremony, first looks, speeches etc. Then comes the creative process– organizing the audio to tell your compelling story. Then comes the daunting search for the best music! (I’ll have another post on this to share!) Then 40+ hours of editing and post production magic happens.

During this entire process— I am always thinking about how to use sounds and visuals to create the most compelling, cinematic, heart felt wedding film for my couples.

Watch my most recent films here.

If you’re a couple that values candid moments over curated details, I’m your girl. I do not take for granted the opportunity I have to capture a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re a fun-loving, sentimental couple who is ready to have fun and make memories—get in touch here! I’d love to hear from you! When you reach out, I’ll also send you my guide “How to make the most out of your wedding film.”

x o x o Hollie

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